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Executive Media Training works closely with tier 1, 2 and 3 construction companies across Australia to help design specific programs that empower and enable their on-site leaders to better communicate with their teams. Mainly through a robust, but feel-good workshop designed at streamlining the daily toolbox / prestart meetings.

We are helping these firms communicate better and ultimately achieve a faster prestart with better safety outcomes.


As a major construction company performing works on behalf of government or building major projects, involving hundreds of workers- the compulsory daily safety and movement briefing is known as the Toolbox or Prestart meeting.

This is where we find men and women who often started their careers as apprentices, now working on multi-billion dollar projects, as leaders, speaking in front of hundreds of tired, intimidating work forces! Most of the people who work in these leadership roles don't particularly enjoy speaking in front of these groups and can twist themselves into knots.

Bad body language, rambling, nerves, not having control of the room, not speaking clearly- we've seen it all on site. We have developed a peer-reviewed and unique program targeted purely at the construction industry prestart leaders. It's revolutionary and the results we are seeing are profound.

Construction industry toolbox / prestart training KRA 1.1

Project leaders, safety leads, management and comms teams of large scale construction industry firms have recognised that by assisting their site leaders to be better public communicators, has increased productivity and empowered the workforce. Initially, we go 'undercover', attending prestarts across a company's various sites to note the general areas of improvement and build on the already successful. Using that information, we then write a specific course native to that scope of works. This could be with construction alliances replacing level crossings, to large scale civil construction sites and high-rise buildings in our capital cities.

We then work with the leaders to educate, modify and then simulate to improve body language, order of prestart, voice control, eye movement, mic skills and a whole range of other basic communication tools.

We have a solid understanding of large scale construction and carry the relevant tools to enter a job site such as White Cards, RIW live rail corridor certification and other industry requirements.

One of our major clients has embraced this training and immediately rolled further sessions out across the entire business, noting that some of these basic communication skills are assisting their business acquisition teams in pitching for work, the improved prestarts have increased productivity and mood on site and we are receiving regular feedback scores of 100/100.

So let's train.



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