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Executive media training, media training, crisis media training, tv media training, sydney, brisbane, melbourne

Your media performance needs to be up to date and ready for the instant and fluid environment of all media platforms.

You might be the leader of a large organisation where your key decisions can shape the business, but if you’re forced to do media - any uncomfortableness or awkwardness can wipe your reputation in seconds. Time and time again we’ve seen competent, confident and strong executives get less than glowing results from a media appearance. From an off putting nervous eye-line, answers that are too long, to being caught off guard with a live mic. 

Using a real, current and dynamic, professionally trained team, we help you create a robust, confident and multi-media capable delivery performance. You're being trained directly by the people who will be hunting answers from you when the media comes.

Media Training Tips


Because you're not just getting an ex-journalist to talk to you. You'll receive real-life media training and simulation, from an Executive Producer (who trains and hires 'the media' and ultimately dictates the narrative). Combining those skills along with current prime-time news journalists, is a priceless and powerful media training experience.


Executive Media Training offers a simple, useful and efficient training session to empower you in the most risk-exposure media landscape - TV.

We haul in the full camera, lighting and audio set up using crew who have been plucked from real TV news media for the day. This is included as part of your package.


We teach you how to handle yourself, including what to wear, body language, eye line movement, breathing, handling nerves and how to enter and exit an interview.

We will acquaint you with the tactics used by journalists and producers to ambush, trap or trick you- including how nothing is EVER ‘off the record’, how they capture your awkward pause and what they’ll try to get from you in a crisis. 

We will then teach you the tricks on how to outmaneuver.

But it isn’t always a crisis. Often you’ll be asked to address your company via a video message or contribute to a video your comms team is making. Sometimes the opportunity arises to enjoy a feel-good TV interview or your expertise is invited.

There are some solid tricks to walking away from the filming thinking, ‘I’ve nailed it’.

We’ll even show you how to position yourself and your camera for a video call. You’ll just be better all-round at this stuff. 

You can download our brochure to print and present to your team.

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Crisis Media Training

Dealing with ambush media, escalation, reporters, comms, panic, tactics, empathy

TV interview (standard)
Handling yourself, body language, words to avoid, how to start, how to finish, where to look

TV news & video link interview like zoom
Successful news grabs, live interviews, content through zoom for media or meetings

Press conference training
From what not to wear, where to look, how to look, what to say, what to do with your hands

Sit down interview (one on one)
When things get serious, body language, dodging questions, facial expression, enter and exit

Corporate Video content
Presenting for your comms, backgrounds, language, hands, eyeline and engagement

Social Media content

Setting up your shot, lighting, audio, angles, formats, what not to say, how to say it


NEW! Construction Industry Leader Training

A fully tailored course to empower prestart / toolbox leaders of tier 1, 2 and 3 construction companies to be better communicators.

Empowering corporate executives with knowledge, information and practical simulation training, on how to handle themselves when dealing with media.

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Executive media training, media training, crisis media training, tv media training, sydney, brisbane, melbourne


“Being exposed to and getting comfortable around
a full production TV interview experience with lights,
mics and huge cameras is half the win. That initial intimidation and over-thinking went away”

Hi I’m Walt Collins, I specialise in creating believability on television. 

I Host and Executive Produce Channel 10’s Healthy Homes Australia series (12 seasons), Buy to Build (6 seasons), Animal Extra (2 seasons) and the inaugural season of Country House Facelift series - all on Channel 10 and internationally on affiliates. I've recently added a new series on Nine Network to add to the portfolio- Poolside Spa & Garden!

I’ve had the great privilege of working around the world as a producer and host across radio, television, video content and more. I run a fast paced and lively production company called BSTV and aside from my own on camera career, I’ve worked for more than 20 years with corporates, to produce thousands of hours of content for internal and external comms.


I’ve been hired by crisis management training teams and change management teams to turn often bland messaging into engaging comms.

I’ve stripped back to bare bones, CEOs, CFOs and comms people who may think they’re media ready. I’ve empowered them and armed them with vital tools to help them just be better at doing media, including clients in LA, London and of course Australia.

They’ve walked away feeling more confident and media ready. That's why I'm delighted to grow this service for our clients.

My team and I know all the latest tricks of the modern media world. We'll teach you them.

*This product is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Channel 10 or any of its parent or subsidiary companies.

walt collins, executive media training, corporate media training, mebourne, sydney, brisba


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I’m a News Anchor and Senior Journalist with 20 years of media experience across print, radio and television. The majority of my career has been spent working in TV and I’m currently into my 12th year at Network 10 (owned by Paramount).

During my time there I’ve been a crime reporter, a permanent co-anchor, a foreign correspondent, a senior reporter, a chief of staff and a producer. I’ve covered important international stories from near and far. I was the first journalist on the ground in Bali to broadcast the release of Schapelle Corby, I’ve chased drug mules to Malaysia and I spent a month in Rio covering the 2016 Olympics.


I’ve also covered the disappearance of MH370, the loss of a Lion Air passenger plane over the Java Sea, the Essendon Supplements Saga, the Beaconsfield Mine Disaster and Jill Meagher’s murder. I also MC a lot of events, including sports functions and large charity fundraisers. 

The logical next step for me is to combine all of these skills and partner with the Executive Media Training Team. I can coach any person through the steps needed to front a media crew with confidence. I know what you need but I also know what they need and most importantly - I know what they don’t want. Being up to date with your media training is like refreshing your first aid training.. because you never know when you’ll need to use it.

Now more than ever with the advance of social media and everyone on the street having a camera in their pocket, it’s important to know how to handle any situation.

walt collins, executive media training, corporate media training, mebourne, sydney, brisba



“Walt has this way of handling the people he’s working with. They’ve spoken for days after how he made them very comfortable and that only makes for a better outcome when they’re faced with cameras the next time” 

Executive Media Training is aimed at senior management, company spokespeople or heads of corporate comms/crisis comms teams and caters for around 7-10 people.

We start around 9am and finish around 2.30pm. 

A full HD TV crew operation is set up for the day and you’ll hear the theory around a media-scape scenario and then you’ll be put to practice. The camera operators are fresh out of the TV news world and will offer their opinion too. It’s industry-level training, delivered by people who work every day in the media.

We’re not an RTO (and we’re not full time trainers who may have lost touch with today’s media cycle).

We’re not here to embarrass you, we’re here to point out what happens, why it  happens and how you can prepare yourself to come out on top. However, there will be an element of putting you on the spot and finding your weaknesses, so you can learn and move forward.

We record you in several scenarios and playback in real-time. It’s full exposure to everything.

We don’t keep the footage from the simulation, it’s handed over to you at the end of the day and it’s up to you to store it or delete it.    

We've Media Trained clients in Australia, UK, USA.

Executive media training, media training, crisis media training, tv media training, sydney, brisbane, melbourne, sony, fs7
“Don't let you or your team be the next media cringe factor. Tackle it head on, be confident and own your media space”

Walt Collins
Executive Media Training, BSTV Pty Ltd



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Executive Media training offers media training in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and regional centres. With clients in the UK and United States.

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